Richard builds software that makes our customers more efficient and profitable. He likes boats and cars.

Richard joined us to grow our software development team in February 2016.

He began working in software development in 2009 to help clients in the care industry. During his time working in this sector, his main experience was in helping clients understand what was possible then working out how to get them what they needed; this could often be quite different to what they thought they needed - though he might not always admit to the reverse!

This grew into a wider interest in coding and software architecture that led him through object oriented programming in VB and C# as well as the functional style that is natural to the F# language. Apparently this gives him a variety of ways of looking at and solving problems - or complicating them, depending on your point of view. 

In addition to programming in the main .Net languages, he gained plenty of experience designing and working with several different database technologies, from MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle 8. 

His professional areas of interest are programming languages - currently Visual Basic, F#, C# along with SQL - as well as the technologies surrounding them such as WPF, Winforms, Entity Framework and, more recently ASP.net. 

Outside of work his interests include 3D modelling in Blender - building starships and other odd things. Sometimes he tries to write the odd bit of dodgy sci-fi.

When off a computer, his other interests include mixed martial arts, reading too much fiction and messing about on boats.

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