We've produced this white paper as a tool for our customers or visitors to our web site to help you understand and deal with the cyber threats that businesses currently face.

Over recent years, we've conducted any number of detailed security and compliance investigations for our customers, usually on a "need-to" basis, in order to help them win a contract or certification.  We recognise that such security audits can be pricey, as they often take several weeks of investigations, research, report writing and follow-up work.

To this end, we have collated our most valuable findings and recommendations into an easy-to-follow guide that can be used by business owners, managers or key personnel, to help identify and deal with the IT security threats that now face any business today.

We don't consider this a replacement for a full security audit, however we hope it provides enough useful information to start a discussion in your place of work, and increase awareness around this risks, which are, unfortunately, all too real.

The latest version of this white paper is available here.

Cyber Security White Paper for Customers


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