Whenever we submit a quote for a bespoke software project, we're often met with surprise that the price is lower than they had expected.

The benefits of a bespoke piece of software in your business are too many and varied for discussion here, the bottom line is that a piece of software built from the ground-up to do exactly what you want it to do, will always be better and more useful that an off-the-shelf product. However most people assume that the cost will be an order of magnitude higher than a comparable equivalent off-the-shelf product.

Watch out for the cowboys!

Beware though, there are unscrupulous software companies who will lure you in with lots of sales talk, agree an inflated price, then outsource the development work to a team of freelancers in India or Eastern Europe to maximise their profits. Outsourcing like this means what you end up getting will probably be a fair way off what you expected, and the development process will always be over-complicated.  Companies like this will tend to charge an unfair upfront cost, and have no interest in ongoing support for your business.

Computercentric don't work like that. We employ our own developers in our own offices. The team who design and specify the solution you want are the same team that will be building it and supporting it. We're also in it for the long-run. Our business is built on ongoing productive relationships with our clients. For this reason, we always quote for development work as competitively as possible, in the hope that we can build a relationship with the client, and be there to support them and develop the system as the needs of the business changes.

Stop waffling, tell us how much...!

Valuing a bespoke software product depends on lots of factors, so there's no standard price list. We don't like to hide these things, so by way of example... we've converted basic Access database-style applications into professional stand-alone Windows applications for as little as a few hundred pounds. We've also built more complicated, dedicated line-of-business applications like stock control systems, contact management tools and so on, for as little as £1500.

Why Computercentric?

We build bespoke web-based and Windows-based applications, and apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, but so do lots of other people, so why should you use us? We'll we're dedicated to delivering the best support and customer experience possible. We don't outsource any work to distant developers, and we don't take shortcuts. We keep costs to an absolute minimum as we're interested in building ongoing relationships with our clients, rather than making a quick "buck". We've also got over ten years' experience specifying and building bespoke applications for a wide range of businesses in all sectors you can think of. So if you've got a problem that could be solve by a piece of software; then Computercentric will know the best way to solve it, as efficiently as possible.


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